15th May 2022 - By: alda09x024

Popular Types Of Content Marketing That Are Highly Effective

As content marketing is best done with storytelling, and mankind has been telling stories since ancient times, it’s obvious that audiences will flock to those who tell great stories.

Content marketing involves developing and sharing content to engage and retain consumers. While several types of content are used in this regard, it only amounts to content marketing when the content effectively portrays your brand and is coupled with a strong distribution plan. Businesses can benefit from content marketing services in the UK and retain a clearly defined audience.

Types of content marketing

Let’s go through a few types of content marketing to see how they work in real life.

Blog posts for SEO

Blogging is a content type with proven results. Several brands publish blogs on a regular basis. Despite this, a lot of these lack the expected engagement levels. In spite of being shared on social media, they typically gain traction in the start but it peters out after a while. Seeing as Google is behind a large percentage of all web traffic, it stands to reason that blogging in an SEO context is the ideal route. The most straightforward path is to identify topics the public is looking for and search for a scope to blog on the topics that boost your business.

Lead nurturing through email marketing

Email marketing is the vehicle through which blog content is circulated to your curated email list. In turn, the blog posts can help grow email lists by gaining traction among new audiences and collecting their contact details. You can opt for content marketing services in the UK that leverage email marketing successfully.

This give-and-take between email and blogging further serves to build up your audience. Your prospects are taken through the early stages of the buying journey and persuaded to make a purchase decision, keeping the brand top of mind.

Just pushing your content is not going to get you the results you seek as there’s no guarantee that your prospects will take notice of it. If you want to catch the eye of your audience from among the overflow of content in their inbox you would have to personalise your approach to draw and retain prospects.

Brand building through social media marketing

It’s not possible to build a brand in a short span of time; you would need to invest time and effort.

Leveraging social media marketing with 360-degree delivery has been found to be highly successful, especially for a brand that puts out consistent messaging spanning marketing, products, packaging and customer service. Slapping on just any content on your social accounts is not going to get you the results you want.

To make this happen you can get content marketing services in the UK where research will be conducted on the type of content that works on certain channels, allowing you to post unique content.

YouTube Video marketing

Seeing as there are upwards of 2 billion users engaging with YouTube per month, it’s clear that the platform offers a ready audience that will be exposed to your video content. Unfortunately, there is stiff competition, so your content will need to be boosted before it can be found.

For this, the most straightforward way is to publish topics that have a high search volume on YouTube while also giving you the opportunity to boost your products organically. You will be able to find scores of prospective keyword ideas. Your aim should be to get an improved ranking for keywords that promote your business.

Now that you are familiar with the main content marketing types, are you looking for content marketing services in the UK?