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Audience Development

Audience development is the creation and engagement of a community. We specialise in building the right audiences for your business before turning them into loyal customers.

The community aspect is an important part of audience development. By involving the relevant community to your services or product through compelling programmes, we increase brand awareness and instil a positive view of your brand.

Whether we’re building a community from zero, as we do with many start-ups, or taking ownership of an existing audience, our approach is always the same.

Audience Development: What do you do?

First, we find where the audience are, and the platforms they’re using the most. From Facebook pages to online forums, LinkedIn groups to Instagram communities, we focus on the channels your audience are utilising the most before we start building a community.

The objectives for our audience development work cover the three Cs – Connections, collaborations and caring.

Let’s make some connections.

It all starts with connections, with friends, family and like-minded people engaging in content and helping spread the message.

Find time to collaborate.

From there, it’s collaborations – whether that’s directly partnering with organisations who are established within your target audiences, or generating feature content. Collaborations are a great way of building an audience quickly.

You know we care.

Finally, there’s caring – it’s important to show the audience you care. At Nifty, we’re well versed in highlighting how our clients understand their audience’s needs and desires. This is essential in building a rapport and instilling trust.