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We’re all familiar with commerce in its traditional sense – the buying and selling of goods or services in brick-and-mortar locations. Nowadays, this should be coupled with a digital presence – e-commerce. It is a multi-faceted operation, but there are generally three ways of breaking it down.

Business-to-consumer: Nifty B2C

This is generally the most common form of e-commerce, referring to when a sale takes place between a business and a consumer. When you’re next shopping for clothes from an online retailer, that’s business-to-consumer.

Business-to-business: Nifty B2B

This is the term given to the selling of goods or services from one business to another, and usually isn’t consumer facing. This encompasses things like a manufacturer selling raw materials to a wholesaler, or a wholesaler selling completed products or software to a retailer.

Director-to-consumer: Nifty D2C

This is a relatively new form of e-commerce and one which would generally have not been worthwhile, or potentially even unviable, before the digital age we currently find ourselves in. Oh, and it’s why the Niftyverse was created.

It covers when a brand sells directly to the end customer, eliminating any middlemen in the form of retailers, distributors or wholesalers. It does not necessarily replace any of the other e-commerce models, and can in fact work symbiotically with B2C models. With social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram integrating shopping facilities into their apps, though, D2C is becoming an increasingly-popular means of businesses selling to their customers.

Be Nifty with your commerce

As the digital age continues to make e-commerce more accessible for businesses, from independents and small businesses through to multinational conglomerates, there are growing volumes of potential audiences to reach, but ever-increasing competition for those audiences.

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