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Media Campaigns

Media campaigns are a great way to raise awareness of your brand or product without the expense of traditional advertising.

Done effectively, media campaigns can control the media narrative and influence public perception with a view to attracting customers or fans.

Media campaigns are a coordinated effort to position businesses or individuals in a number of media outlets, which could include anything from traditional PR in the form of national and local newspapers, magazines, television and radio; through to trade publications, websites and social media influencers.

We build the right relationships.

If your business has a piece of news, such as a product launch, we can work with you to identify the target audience, the journalists and media outlets best suited to reaching that audience, and produced tailored content to hook them without coming across as overly commercial. 

Effectively, our job as PR professionals effectively is to make journalists’ lives as easy as possible!

Nifty Media Campaigns: How do they work?

As well as covering pieces of news, media campaigns are a great way of positioning clients, either as a business entity or individuals within an organisation, as experts in their relevant field.

This is normally done by piggybacking on news stories and supplementing it with comment from clients, making them appear more reputable in the media and therefore more attractive to the potential audience. Relationship building with journalists is a huge part of this – making sure that you are at the forefront of their minds when they’re looking for expert comment on a piece.

Predicting the news agenda.

No matter how much planning goes into a campaign, the dominant news stories of the moment will ultimately dictate how much traction a story will get. That’s why we’re always keeping abreast of the news agenda to find potential angles to capitalise on, and why we proactively liaise with journalists to discover future angles they’re looking to pursue.