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Social Media

Social media with substance.

Your social media channels are one of the most powerful parts of the Niftyverse.

​We use them to pull an audience into the Niftyverse, engage industry influencers and thought-leaders and share your own expertise and knowledge.

The power of social cannot be underestimated and it’s integral to build reach, credibility and trust within the Niftyverse.

We love to amplify in-house content

We run social accounts from scratch but love working with in-house teams to amplify their existing strategy. It’s the best way to build a bespoke Niftyverse.

Through extensive years running of PR and marketing in the sports, hospitality, events and food and drink industries, we’ve created the Niftyverse, the ultimate social media package. That’s because we look at PR and social differently. It’s about the environment surrounding all your comms activities, not just the comms. That’s why we created the Niftyverse.

What is a Niftyverse?

A Niftyverse is an integrated marketing environment promoting your message anywhere your target audience may see it. This integrated approach swiftly builds engagement, credibility and trust.

Our value lies in our ability to predict the evolution of the news agenda and our skills in understanding the search data. This enables us to capitalise on topical content and answer the questions your audience is asking.

Social media at Nifty – how does it work?

Our expert team of seasoned journalists, PR professionals and social media influencers will help form, manage and evolve your social activities around a content plan fuelled by real-time search data.

If you would like to know more about Nifty and our social media services, please talk to a member of the team today.