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Video is everywhere in the digital sphere because it’s one of the most engaging ways to reach your audience.

We love amplifying video content with targeted spends to drive brand awareness, influencer support and clear CTAs but the digital landscape offers a wealth of revenue-generating opportunities, and that’s where the Niftyverse works best. There’s a number of ways to earn from content but in general three main considerations.

Over-The-Top: Nifty OTT

This is the name given to a service that allows users to stream video over the internet. It is seen as a successor to traditional video content, which has normally required a customer to purchase a television subscription and install all the accompanying hardware in order to receive content.

OTT content has grown exponentially in recent years as more and more people ditch their TV subscriptions in favour of digital media consumption. As such, the marketing potential has grown with it, with demonstrable return-on-investment. The ability to show personalised adverts and track conversions makes it a much more attractive proposition.

Subscription video on demand: Nifty SVOD

While you may not be familiar with the term, the chances are you’ll be signed up to a SVOD platform. It’s the name given to a streaming service which is only accessible to people who have subscribed to it. Netflix is a prime example of this – the growth of which is representative of a booming industry which has seen major corporations enter the market as a result with the likes of Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

Much of the success is down to the fact it empowers consumers to only pay for the content they want, which is another factor why growing numbers of viewers are turning their back on traditional TV packages.

SVOD is further growing in the social media space, with platforms such as Facebook introducing subscription models to access content from high profile individuals and organisations to rival the likes of Twitch and YouTube, which have further segmented the content audiences can pay for.

Pay-Per-View: Nifty PPV

The above types of video content are the two most prominent in the digital space and can even be utilised on a hybrid basis by businesses. However, they aren’t necessarily appropriate all of the time, which is where PPV can come in.

Pay-per-view can be a solution if you’re not charging for your standard service, but are looking to share content which has an audience that is willing to pay. Likewise, if you’re operating SVOD, but are hosting an event which has value exceeding the standard subscription rate. Think fans subscribing to Sky Sports, but paying a one-off sum to watch a boxing match.