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We created the Niftyverse

We're a marketing and PR agency with a difference. We created an integrated marketing environment fuelled on performance marketing strategies.

What do we do?

In a performance marketing environment, we plant the seed for organic growth.

The Niftyverse is fuelled by pristine marketing, compelling content, PR, social media, creatives and ads. We hit your audience at every potential communications channel and pre-qualify them in your own, bespoke Niftyverse.

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How do we work?

How we build the Niftyverse


SEO - Marketing Agency

1. The Audit

First, we’ll run an audit of all your marketing activities and those of your competitors.

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2. The Funnel

Next, we plan how to move our audience from where they are to where we need them.

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3. The Audience

After that we define our target audience – their likes, interests and discussions topics.

Content is King - Marketing agency

4. The Content

Fuelled by the value proposition, we define the concept, craft the message, optimise the content, build the creatives and then refine, test and refresh.

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5. The Channels

When it comes to marketing channels, we’re looking for audience volumes and the easiest and most efficient ways of engaging them.

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6. The Delivery

Campaign delivery starts at phase one and drives all our processes. There’s the timeline, then optimisation, then reporting and finally, testing.

Our Case Studies

We're proud of our Nifty work.

Some of our finest moments in the PR and marketing world have included Champions-League, FA-Cup and Premier-League-winning media managements campaigns, and generating value of more than £300 million for charities.

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"Over the years we've been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest names in sport PR and media, leisure, news, magazines, websites and the third-sector."

Christian Collison

Managing Director

"Nifty is amazing. I love working with them. They're a creative, inventive, market-leading PR and marketing agency and never fail to blow us away with their input and results."

Darren Clayton

National Rugby Awards

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