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We turn content into income for sports clubs, rights holders and partners

We are Nifty Communications, a specialist sports marketing agency, that works with sports organisations and businesses to unlock new, sustainable revenue streams and enhance growth through monetised distribution of their content.

What do we do?

In a growth marketing environment we turn your content into new, sustainable revenue streams.

By redistributing content through our monetisation plans, we’re helping realign sports communications with business growth. Our speciality is combining sports marketing and commercial departments into one harmonious team for the club, fans and partners.

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How do we unlock new revenue from existing content?

We're experts at commercialising content


SEO - Sports Marketing Agency

1. The Audit

First, we’ll run an audit of all your marketing activities and those of your competitors.

Target audience - Sports Marketing Agency

2. The Funnel

Next, we plan how to move our audience from where they are to where we need them.

Web Design - Sports Marketing Agency

3. The Audience

After that we define our target audience – their likes, interests and discussions topics.

Content is King - Sports Marketing Agency

4. The Content

Fuelled by the value proposition, we define the concept, craft the message, optimise the content, build the creatives and then refine, test and refresh.

Social Media - Sports Marketing Agency

5. The Channels

When it comes to marketing channels, we’re looking for audience volumes and the easiest and most efficient ways of engaging them.

PR - Sports Marketing Agency

6. The Delivery

Campaign delivery starts at phase one and drives all our processes. There’s the timeline, then optimisation, then reporting and finally, testing.

Nifty evolved in top-flight sports

We're proud of the work we do in sports and business.

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"Nifty are amazing. I love working with them. They're a creative, inventive sports marketing agency who never fail to blow us away with their input and results. Thanks to Nifty, we sold out our major event so we held an afternoon event too, which Nifty also sold out!"

Darren Clayton

National Rugby Awards

"I have worked with Nifty right from inception to launch for DropZone and their knowledge and passion made the whole process very enjoyable. They understand how business works and always make themselves available, constantly going above and beyond to make sure they deliver an unrivalled service."

Sean Crawford

DropZone Brewery

"The team at Nifty are an absolute pleasure to work with. They’re skilled, knowledgeable and creative but best of all, they take pride in what they do. They’re always available for questions and a helping hand. As a result, Nifty have taken my campaign and sponsorships to heights I never thought possible."

Jack Jarvis

United We Conquer

"The whole Nifty team have been exceptional from the first day we started working with them. They understood our rather niche proposition quickly and easily and have provided fantastic creative guidance and expert insight whenever needed."

Ben David


"Nifty are a fantastic team. They helped identify and strengthen our branding, and they always tried to go the extra mile. The team was extremely knowledgeable and always was on hand to take a call. I would definitely recommend Nifty to anyone in events."

Vicky Panniers


"It was great to team up with Nifty on the launch of a new brand - they were able to bring the vision to life across all aspects of digital."

Dan Watson


Working with Nifty is an enjoyable experience for us. They are helpful and knowledgeable, and together we’ve been able to grow our reach and deliver impactful content that resonates with our audience.

Andrew Gregson

Signature Career Management

National Rugby Awards

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