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5 Best Women’s Sport Campaigns

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The growth of women’s sport has been a very topical conversation in the sports industry and wherever you look there are people advocating for women’s sport, especially brands. How are brands using women’s sport to their advantage and how are they helping the growth, development and equality of it?  

Here are some of our favourite women’s sport campaigns, why we love them and how they were successful.  


With a very small budget of £1000, the Talented Ladies Club created a campaign that highlights the gender pay gap, not just within sport. The campaign called out popular organisations and the shocking pay gap. The biggest culprit being Booking.com with every €1 earned by a man, only €0.58 is earned by a woman. The campaign was a success as it held a strong message and was sharable content as a result the campaign went viral.  

Fresher Football  

Heineken and UEFA Champions League partnered up to create the first website to show statistics without gender bias. This campaign was called ‘Fresher Football’ combined with a video campaign titled ‘Cheers to all fans’ they tried to tackle gender bias in football both among players and fans. This collaboration helped spread the message of how football as a sport still experiences bias even after the incredible growth of women’s sport. The campaign resonated with so many people and highlighted the issue at hand.  

Support is everything  

Sports brand Adidas took it upon themselves to change the fact there are more statues of animals than there are of women in London. They displayed 8 statues of inspirational women in sport to help raise awareness of their new campaign. This activation looked to support their latest sports bra collection, which addresses the impact of poor support in sports participation and performance. This activation was a success as it used an iconic location on the Thames which raised awareness with passers-by and got plenty of people talking. Not only did the campaign start-conversations but it used QR codes on the statues to tell more in-depth personal tales while also creating video executions that explored the issue and increased reach. 

Serena Williams teams up with brands  

When Serena Williams announced her retirement there was a series of high-quality, emotionally charged campaigns honouring the 23-time Grand Slam champion, activist and mother.  

Nike, Serena’s ardent sponsor, emphasised in their potent advertisement how she didn’t hesitate to be true to herself despite overcoming obstacles to become the best. 

“By changing nothing, she changed everything” was the final frame copy and the main premise, which made viewers feel emotionally connected to the ad.  

Gatorade followed suit by releasing the heart-breaking commercial “Love Means Everything,” which was brilliantly produced, cast, and narrated (by Beyonce). It honoured Serena’s contributions to women, especially black women, as well as her tennis abilities. 

These campaigns were successful as they made use of topical events and teamed it with a huge sports personality.  

Sport England This Girl Can  

In this campaign for women’s sport, Sport England addresses the pressures that women face on a daily basis, including those related to finances, job, the home, and childcare. The takeaway is that there is no right or wrong method to exercise; as long as your heart rate increases, you are working out.  

This campaign was super powerful as it was seen across multiple touchpoints and resonated with women across all demographics.  

The growth of women’s sport is undeniable and it’s no surprise to us that brands are keen to partner up with teams and athletes. Check out the following blogs for more support on sport campaigns and sponsorships.  

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