23rd September 2021 - By: alda09x024

A Massive Week for Nifty

A massive week for Nifty

We’re recapping on a massive week here at Nifty

From flying the flag at London Fashion Week, to securing a brand-new Land Rover! Yes we may be biased, but that sounds pretty Nifty to us.  

FORmE takes London Fashion Week

This particular show was a great fit for FORmE, as it was the first ever London Fashion Week show to promote diversity and disability in fashion, showing people how to be comfortable in their own skin. 

Earlier this year we began working alongside our client FORmE to announce a streetwear brand with a difference. We are delighted that just three months after launching, we helped secured the brand a spot at none other than London Fashion Week.   

With it being one of the most exciting times in the fashion calendar, we thought what better place to debut FORmE’s new collection, the A/W Blanks range? Focusing on simplicity and minimalism, serving as a reminder that often in the simplest things we find true happiness, the Blanks range shows the best part about an outfit is in fact the wearer themselves.   

To have come so far in such a short amount of time is testament to our brilliant relationship with FORmE and the power of the Niftyverse. We’re now looking forward to continue to grow the brand in the coming months. 

New wheels for United We Conquer

Never resting on our laurels and to top off the excitement of London Fashion Week, we also managed to secure our client, United We Conquer, a brand-new Land Rover Discovery on behalf of Jardine Motors Group. The car will help to support British Soldier, Jack Jarvis, in his world-first solo row from mainland Europe to mainland North America, raising money for Brainstrust and CALM.  

The challenge kicks off in December when Jack will row 4,500 nautical miles from Portugal to Miami. Rowing around 15 hours a day, it will take him approximately 100 days to complete! 

The Land Rover Discovery will help Jack transport his specially-designed boat from the UK to Portugal and during his pre-event training around the country, which recently included a marathon while carrying a 26kg rowing machine.  

Jack has been inspired to take on the challenge in memory of his late grandfather, who passed away from a brain tumour in 2007. Jack’s confident that if his grandfather can fight a tumour for three years then he can handle whatever the Atlantic throws at him for three months.  

Jack is also committed to raising money to support mental health, so much so that he re-mortgaged his house to fund a chunk of the £90,000 operational costs required for the challenge. 

We’re super proud of Jack and it’s our pleasure to be working with him on his way to becoming a Guinness World Record Holder. 

How’s that for a Monday-Friday?