11th October 2022 - By: alda09x024

Are Arsenal Title Contenders?

With nine Premier League games under their belt, it’s easy to forget how Arsenal finished the 2021/2022 season. However, The Gunners have started the season so brilliantly that it now leaves us with the question – are they really contenders for the Premier League title? 

We at Nifty consider ourselves sports fans and know the marketing side of the game inside out. However, nobody can give us the opinion from inside the fan base. To get an idea of what the supporters are thinking, we enlisted the help of our friends at GoonerViews for some valuable insight.  

GoonerViews Opinions On Arsenal   

How would you rate Arsenals chances of winning the Premier League?  

I think the only way realistically is if Haaland gets injured and we manage to keep up the consistency because at the moment Arsenal and City are the two most inform teams. 

Would you now say that Arsenal have left Spurs in their shadow for the foreseeable future?  

With Kane and Son not getting any younger, and I believe Kane would look for a move in the summer, I can’t see them finishing above Arsenal for a while, with us building something special and full of amazing young players. 

Is there now a reconnect between the club and fans again?  

It’s the best atmosphere we’ve ever seen in the Emirates stadium era. And arguably this team is the best we have had since the Invincibles’. Everyone senses we are building something special. 

What Nifty thinks

Arsenal have planned for the future and are seeing results. Manchester City will remain favourites, but with other well-funded teams in poor form, Arsenal at present, must be the perceived as their main threat. 

Given the current season, it is easy to say that Arsenal looks the better side. However, remember just last season, Spurs stole Champions League away from Arsenal in the penultimate game of the season. Can we safely say that this Arsenal side won’t slip up against an experienced Spurs side?  

With Arsenal on the rise, and fans building stronger relationships with the club, it’s an opportunity to tap into the fanbase and stay connected and on the same page. With the fans buying in to Arteta’s vision for the future, commercially, fans will buy into supporting their club. With form comes opportunity and building for the future off the pitch also, commercially there is no better time than now to grow with the fans behind you. 


Overall, even amongst most Arsenal fans, they don’t put themselves down as favourites. However, this is the best side we have seen in recent years and if it wasn’t for an extraordinary Manchester City side, I think we could consider Arsenal early favourites. The poll results also show us that fans give second place to Arsenal which is a brilliant compliment to Arteta and what he has achieved so far. 

We can’t predict Arsenal’s future, but with such positivity around the club, who wouldn’t put Arsenal into the title conversation.  

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