27th September 2021 - By: alda09x024

Become A Sensation With Video Marketing

Video logo on a laptop screen

The world of video marketing is certainly growing with a multitude of brands adopting this visual technique. Taking a bigger piece of the marketing pie, video marketing appears to appeal to internet users as research suggests 50% search for this type of content before purchasing a product, providing the user with the reassurance they need prior to investing in the brand.  

What is video marketing and why is it important? 

So why does video content work so well? The brand is placed at the forefront of the user’s mind, bringing the product to life. The rich video content creates a memorable experience and one that is more likely to engage with the target audience. A staggering 76% of marketeers see results from using this type of content – cue a round of applause. With many useful apps now available to edit, crop and enhance to your hearts content at the tap of a button, there is certainly no excuse not to jump on this marketing bandwagon.   

Lights, camera, action 

Before you scramble to find your camera, remember to create a plan of action first before you embark on implementing video content into your overall marketing strategy. Defining your audience is key. You wouldn’t have a conversation with someone who was not interested in your product offering, right? Determining who you need to direct your product to and therefore who you are speaking to will ensure your message is heard loud and clear.  

Different types of video content   

There is a plethora of ways you could incorporate video content into your overall plan. For example, webinars, testimonials, promotional videos, support videos and video ads are a great selection of ideas that can boost your reach and engagement.  

Creating an intro video is a clever way of conveying your brands story to first-time viewers, allowing them to immerse themselves in your company’s personality, potentially even a live video to speak directly with your users.  

Before you purchase a product, do you scroll down to read the customer reviews? Well, why not absorb this information into a video testimonial? Research suggests using customer testimonials regularly can generate approximately 62% more revenue. Customers want to hear from other like-minded customers. How did they find your product? Did it solve their problem? Seeing a real-live person on camera or interesting images with a written testimonial on top relaying the users’ success story can make a significant impact as it complements your promotions adding an extra stamp of approval. 

Website videos and SEO 

SEO” or “Search Engine Optimisation” is a term used to describe how much your website appears in relevant search engine results. Search engine algorithms are closely guarded secrets – but one thing we do know is that search engines are designed to answer questions.One way in which search engines rank websites is based on how many other sites are sharing their content. For example, utilising YouTube will work wonders for SEO. Not only will this enhance your authority by people sharing the link but will give you the option of populating the “description” box with links to other areas, such as your website and social pages, contributing to your domain standing when adding relevant keywords. 

So, there you go. Looks like the world of video marketing is here to stay so we better save a seat for this marketing sensation and request an encore.