2nd May 2023 - By: alda09x024

Benefits of Banning Betting Companies as Kit Sponsors

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The Premier League, England’s top-flight football competition, recently imposed a ban on betting companies as kit sponsors beginning with the 2023–24 season. Concerns have been expressed regarding this decision’s possible economic effects on teams, particularly those who largely rely on betting corporations as their shirt sponsors. The introduction of sleeve advertising, which the Premier League has already confirmed, may lessen the revenue losses suffered by the banned clubs. 

Benefits of the Premier League’s ban on sleeve advertising and shirt sponsorship: 

Increased integrity of the sport: 

Betting sponsorships on football shirts has been a controversial topic for years, with concerns over the normalisation of gambling and the potential for match-fixing. By banning betting companies as shirt sponsors, the Premier League is taking a stand against these issues and prioritising the integrity of the sport. 

More options for sponsorship of many kinds: 

The prohibition on betting businesses serving as kit sponsors gives clubs additional options to draw in a larger variety of sponsors. This may result in more original and imaginative collaborations that might be advantageous to sponsors as well as clubs. 

Improved brand recognition for clubs: 

Clubs might possibly improve their brand image and appeal to a larger audience, including younger fans and families, by separating themselves from betting partnerships and broadening their sponsors. 

Possibility of more fan involvement: 

Additionally, sleeve advertising can offer teams a chance to interact with their supporters in a more specialised and tailored manner. Based on the location of the sleeve sponsor, clubs could be able to provide supporters from particular areas or nations with exclusive discounts and promotions. 

The introduction of sleeve advertising might open up a new revenue stream and perhaps increase the variety of sponsorship options, even though the Premier League betting shirt sponsor ban may at first cause some financial losses for the affected teams. The prohibition on betting sponsorships may also strengthen the sport’s integrity and boost clubs’ brand perception. The move to ban betting businesses from serving as shirt sponsors and to institute sleeve advertising might possibly have long-term advantages for the Premier League and its teams as it seeks to adapt and grow in a fast changing environment.  

If you’re a sports organisation who will be financially affected by this ban, get in contact with us today to talk about revenue-generating opportunities and the money you are leaving on the table.