19th April 2023 - By: alda09x024

Can AI Tools Really Predict Game Outcomes?

AI Robot

In the past few months, the world has seen a surge in popularity of AI tools. People are beginning to tap into the huge potential that AI holds, and it is becoming to be a part of people’s everyday lives. From writing blogs and poems to creating artwork, AI is being utilised in many different ways by many different people. 

However, the question stands, can AI tools really predict the outcomes of sports matches? 

Here at Nifty, we decided to put that to the test by creating the world’s first AI powered football league, which determines the outcome of each and every single game. The league involves six of the game’s biggest clubs; Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Leeds, Man United and Tottenham Hotspur, with coverage even including manager and fan reactions. It’s unfolding on Twitter as we speak!  

You may be asking the question, how does AI do this? Here is the answer. 

AI Algorithms: 

  • Algorithms for artificial intelligence are employed in many different branches of computer science. Data analytics, pattern recognition, prediction systems and inference are a few examples. Machine learning technologies have witnessed a sharp rise in accuracy over previous years. In several areas, artificial neural networks can now outperform humans, especially when it comes to predictions. Other benefits of using AI to predict outcomes include AI being far less costly and timely, along with being significantly more accurate due to AI’s predictions being purely driven from all sorts of data and analytics – you can’t argue with facts 

Okay, so that’s how the predictions work, but what about the visuals? 

Generative text to image AI tools: 

  • Artificial neural networks, a type of machine learning approach, are frequently used by AI text-to-image generators. These networks may interpret input in the form of words to produce images. You may instantly see the effects of your labour because the entire procedure takes just a few seconds. Nevertheless, neural networks need a lot of training before they can be used in a reliable way. Imagine a little child discovering the relationship between words and things for the first time. This is the process that AI generators go through during training, except much more quickly and with huge amounts of data. We saw this first-hand as when we asked the AI more things about football match reports and results, the better it got at understanding and producing predictions. This is how we created the AI predicted match report videos for each game. We would ask the AI tools to create an image using specific words the AI gave us. For example, if the AI predicted Harry Kane would score against Arsenal to put them 1-0 up, we would ask the AI image generator to make a picture of ‘Harry Kane celebrating a goal with teammates’. 

So, what’s next for AI tools? 

Well, they’ve already demonstrated how they can easily create a full football league by predicting results, match reports, fan tweets, manager quotes and images. In the coming years, we expect to see AI tools begin to merge into people’s everyday lives even more – rivalling Google!  

If you want to see the predictions AI made, head over to our Twitter to watch the AI Football League play out.  

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