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Looking at sports marketing careers? Nifty's an innovative, ground-breaking agency that values ideas over hierarchy.

Sports marketing careers

We love working with happy people

The Nifty foundations

At Nifty, we’re proud to drive personal development, upskill professionally and ensure we all stay ahead of the game, as a team, as individuals and as marketeers.

We constantly strive to be the best and enjoy pushing the limits. If that sounds like a career for you, it’s time to be Nifty.

About us Nifty work

Our work is based on a strong set of values

Nifty principles and behaviours

COMMITTEDWe love what we do and work hard to turn ideas into realities.
COURAGEOUSWe’re brave. We only live once so we don’t waste opportunities. Go big or go home.
PASSIONATEOur approach is dynamic, fun and we’re driven by a need to consistently set the bar.
INNOVATIVEWith world-leading talent, we value ideas over hierarchy.
UNITEDWe work in harmony and hold each other accountable to our culture and delivery.

What's it like at Nifty?

We enjoy an entertaining work environment

Sports marketing careers team

"As Dominic Toretto would say.. ‘I don’t have friends, I got family’. Nifty is family, a family full of incredible talent, a family who work together in harmony and a family who have fun! As one of the OG employees at Nifty, I have loved watching the company grow, not only the growth of Team Nifty, but also the growth of our client portfolio."


Creative Executive

"Nifty is more than a job. It’s a place where I am friends with colleagues, challenged in my work, and can demonstrate my abilities. I am proud to be a member of Team Nifty."


Comms Manager

"To me, Nifty means we are better as a team than we are as individuals, and by working together we can achieve much more – oh and we also have a great time doing it!"


PR Manager

"We’ve got a diverse range of amazing clients and such a great mix of pros in our team. No two days are the same, we’re always innovating and creating."


Head of BD

"There is never a dull day at Nifty HQ. Whether it’s working with our amazing clients, or chasing our four-legged friend, we wouldn’t have it any other way."


Social Manager

"Team Nifty’s the best! This is the first company I’ve worked for that has such a strong and positive culture. The team knows their individual worth and the role they play in the bigger Nifty picture."


Marketing Manager

"Every day’s a school day at Nifty! It’s great to work alongside a talented team, constantly learning and developing to push each other to be the best we can be and therefore delivering the best for our clients. Working in a top group of funny people makes it a delight to come into the office each and every day."


Content Manager

"It was an exciting time when I came back, as we were also moving into our new offices. Nifty thrives on a collaborative approach and we were delighted all the team were as keen as us to be back together again."


Head of Ops

We like to keep things fresh

Nifty's day-to-day

Nifty challenges are designed to take us out of our comfort zone, which is where we ultimately grow.

In 2023 these include everything from hydration to yoga. It’s all about healthy body and a healthy mind, but the Nifty team love it.

challenge calendar

Sustainability is vital

Be part of a responsible agency

It’s our mission to become carbon neutral in 2023.

We funded more than 1,500 trees to be planted in 2022, a number we want to triple this year, and have teamed up with Carbon Neutral Britain and Ecologi to continue reducing our environmental impact.

Do you want to be Nifty?

Sports marketing careers

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