17th June 2022 - By: alda09x024

Carolin Joins Team Nifty!

Hi, I’m Carolin, one of Nifty’s new Account Managers. 

Turns out my friend Paul (unknown to me) applied for the same position, and we both got to start our new job with a friend at our sides. Not that I needed that reassurance because from what I can tell 100% of the Nifty team are 100% lovely.  

A bit about my background, I’m originally from Germany and have studied international business with a focus on marketing and “people skills”. Think team building, coaching, etc. As part of my degree, I also did an internship with adidas in one of their brand marketing departments, which confirmed two things for me; one, that I wanted to work in marketing; two, that I should not be trusted with a staff discount, especially when it comes to sneakers.  

After uni, I moved to the UK to work as an account manager at a B2B marketing agency focused on technical clients. My clients’ areas of expertise included all sorts of things from motors, generators and pumps to automation, robotics and AI. While my job itself wasn’t overly technical (best leave that to the engineers and PhDs), it definitely helped me learn about the various topics so I could understand what I am marketing. Which basically meant that I got to feed my never-ending curiosity about how things work.  

This curiosity is also a big reason why I’ve joined Nifty, because they’ll encourage me to grow. As a sports marketing agency, they are very dynamic and things are never standing still. One of our company values is to be passionate and consistently set the bar high. An example for how this is implemented in practice are our monthly challenges, which are set for both personal and professional growth. This month we focus on specialisms, where we do a deep dive into an area of professional expertise. I chose to learn more about email marketing, workflows and automations. Which not only lets me expand my skillset, but also helps me provide an even better service to our clients. Win-win, I’d say. 

I also enjoy working and playing with language. I thoroughly enjoy geeking out over tone of voice, SEO, and all that good stuff which makes for interesting and engaging copy. Sometimes it gets a bit tricky when your brain works in two languages, especially when you know just the perfect word… but it’s in the wrong language. But other times it also helps because I can approach language from different angles. In my experience, this is particularly helpful for SEO work, where you want to avoid overly complex phrasing.  

In general, I like how working in marketing lets me exercise the creative parts of my brain. I’ve always enjoyed making things myself and approaching a problem from all angles. I think I’ve got that creative spirit from my grandma who always had a craft project up her sleeve. She instilled in me a strong DIY mindset and to this day I enjoy a good thrifty (and now Nifty) solution. Especially when it comes to repurposing things and finding/creating sustainable alternatives.  

My spare time is usually filled with a number of creative projects. Currently, I’m crocheting little animal beanies for all my friends with new babies. I also enjoy inventing recipes (usually while dancing around the kitchen), so my new colleagues will most likely be treated to some cake and cookie experiments. Good thing we get a free gym membership as part of working for Nifty!  

With Nifty’s office being in the centre of town, it’s also tempting to buy lunch every day, so I’m on a mission to bring in my own lunches as much as possible. And it looks like I’ve inspired Amy to do so as well, so we’ll see who can come up with the best easy lunch recipes.