Case study

DropZone Brewery Branding

When Nifty first met with the now owner of DropZone, there was no name, no branding and no beer, but this isn’t problem when you have a group of people who want to provide the very best. 

Once settling on the name DropZone, Nifty began working closely with an illustration company. Following some fantastic brainstorms, we decided to focus on brotherhood as the overarching theme, something that kept jumping out to us after our conversations with the founder, given his background in the military. 

While the brand was still in its infancy, the plans were big and talk of multiple offerings were already on the table. This meant Nifty had to hit the ground running and start work on a range of different illustrations which would become the labels the customer-base loves today. 

It was imperative each design was different to the last, with Nifty carefully considering which visual would work best with a particular brew. Once the labels had been confirmed, attention turned to creating evolving graphics that would keep the brand relevant while also offering longevity. The key to this was using designs that would really resonate with the veteran community.  

The feedback from customers has been fantastic and DropZone has grown to become a well-recognised brand in the military world and we now look forward to taking it to the next level.