Case study

DropZone – PPC

Nifty had launched DropZone Brewery – a new alcohol and coffee beverage company aiming to target former and current military personnel – with high aspirations of targeting a market containing 200k active and 800k veteran personnel. With a small advertising budget, the brand required a digital advertising strategy that would get it in front of the right people at the right time in a cost-effective manner.

Nifty split the advertising campaign into two key strands:

  1. Target consumers and introduce them to the brand
  2. Target retailers and encourage them to stock the product

For consumer-based advertising, we built out audiences across Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube with brand-focused messaging and creative. The ads quickly drew people in, amassing hundreds to thousands of likes and views. This enabled us to move down the funnel and begin converting consideration into decision through retargeting ads.

For the retail campaign, our strategy focused on lead generation of pub and bar landlords – particularly those with an interest in military activity. Leads were asked a set of pre-qualifying questions, the results of which were filtered and distributed back to the client on a daily basis.

Key achievements

  • 4x ROAS
  • £1.98 Cost per lead
  • 1,000 new page likes across Facebook and Instagram