Case study

FORmE – Influencers

This year Nifty began working with FORmE, an affordable luxury streetwear brand with a difference.  

As the brand was new to the streetwear market, raising awareness was key to kickstarting our marketing strategy. In order to grow the appetite of both our consumers and the influencer environment, we launched a guerrilla marketing campaign, taking the brand to the streets of Manchester for all to see.  

Nifty and the FORmE team headed to popular Manchester hotspots armed with branded stickers and stencils, which read ‘BETTER DAYS ARE COMING’. This related to the brand launching on the same day as lockdown ending.  

Once the interest was there and the conversations had started, it was now time to start the influence campaign.  

Nifty focused on utilising influencers that would successfully represent the brand and embody the values behind it. 

Nifty reached out to influencers directly and successfully collaborated with the likes of Adebayo Akinfenwa (1.4m), Kidd Waya (1.5m), Rory Sutherland (10k), FlexUTD (55k) and influencers that are top of their game in the scootering and skateboarding world, such as Dante Hutchinson (225k), Jamie Hull (195k), Jack Ward, and TikTok star ClaireaBella (730k). This influencer campaign gave the brand a potential reach of 4.1 million people.  

Through building a relationship with Kidd Waya and his talent team, Nifty were able to secure a spot for FORmE at London Fashion Week (read the case study here).  

Nifty continued to nourish these relationships to build strong partnerships with FORmE as the brand grew. Nifty introduced influencer discount codes and an affiliate kickback scheme to allow the influencers to push the brand out while making a return on the posts they put out to their following.  

Nifty used influencers right through from brand launch to representation at London Fashion Week and have successfully reached thousands of people in the online world.