Case study


Nifty joined forces with the founders of a new streetwear brand, FORmE, as the brand launched to combat the increasingly toxic nature of social media for the youth of today.

The message behind the brand was to give the wearers of their clothes the tools to be who they want to be, rather than having to conform to the views and opinions of others. As such, the wording on the clothing is written backwards meaning it only makes sense to the wearer when looking in the mirror.

Nifty built a fully-optimised catalogue site for FORmE and continue to carry out ongoing maintenance of the site, which involved running promotions and uploading weekly drops of new product ranges.

As a new brand looking to rival established streetwear brands such as Stüssy, Palace and Carhartt, a lot of work went into building awareness of the brand prior to launch. This involved sharing stencils of clothing imagery across social media, as well as displaying artwork across Manchester. Following this, nearly 500 followers were attracted to like the Instagram page before any products had even been launched, showing they had bought into the brand.

FORmE Instagram

Within the first month of launching, FORmE generated more than 1000 followers across their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter channels, with more than 3000 users hitting the website.