Case study

Moseley Rugby Club – 2022 Home Kit and TikTok Launch

Moving into our first full season with Moseley Rugby Club, Nifty used our design, creative and marketing expertise to bring new life into the Club’s communications, including the launch of the 2022/23 Home and Away Kits. 

Due to logistic issues with overseas suppliers, we were given two days to turn around a shoot and unveil the kits through organic media channels. The short-time frame presented a challenge but also a great opportunity to launch the rugby club’s TikTok channel, which we’d been aching to get live for months. TikTok would allow the club to reach a new younger demographic – a key objective for the season. 

We arranged for a kit shoot with the players during a training session, a behind-the-scenes video, as well as a teaser and post-launch content to generate a buzz on social. We also coordinated a team of student volunteers, photographers and videographers on the day. 

@moseleyrugbyofficial Out with the old… in with the new🔥 The 2022/23 strip is here and we loveeeeee it! #N#NewSeasonNewKitr#rugbym#moseleyf#fyp ♬ Fake – The Tech Thieves

The three-part launch on TikTok amassed more than 10,000 views without any spend or pre-established followers. The club gained more than 150 new followers in a 24-hour period and received positive feedback from several fans on the professionalism of the account. 

Most importantly, it allowed us to springboard the launch of a new channel and ensure the account has the best opportunity to thrive with the TikTok algorithms.  

Going forward, our TikTok strategy leverages pre-existing and new content to give an authentic insight into the club, with matchday changing room videos from the players, highlights of key moments and reactive trend content. It aims to create an intimate connection between the younger generations and Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club, which might not have been able to be achieved through other social platforms. 

With a full season of content planned out, we’re excited to see how the channel continues to grow. By the end of the season, we aim to be the most-followed TikTok account in the league.