Case study

Nurture Brands

Nifty was commissioned by Nurture Brands in early 2021 to lead on PPC activities for their dairy-free drinks brands.

Nifty’s initial focus was on Rebel Kitchen, an established UK business focussing on organic, plant-based milk and milkshake alternatives that were about to launch its new website.

Rebel Kitchen had previously centred their business around wholesale and their products could be found in some of the UK’s leading supermarkets. With Nifty’s guidance, they aimed to build a greater online, direct-to-consumer presence. In addition to the Pay-Per-Click ads on Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube, Nifty worked with the brand to optimise the website, produce blogs and source ambassadors and PR opportunities.

Over three months, traffic to the website increased by 200% compared to the previous period.

This was followed by the launch of Rebel’s sister brand in the USA, Myracle Kitchen. This was a different animal altogether, with a new brand entering a new market. The launch of Myracle was a resounding success, exceeding predicted sales targets by 145% in the first three months and the brand going on to sell out of all their product.