Case study

Ometis – Commerce

A few years after Nifty had led on the design, build and SEO optimisation of Ometis’ website, the client wanted to integrate an e-commerce function into their website to sell their training courses.

Previously, the website had purely been a brochure site, with different pages showcasing Ometis’ services as well as the different products and features of the industry-leading business software Qlik. Given it is enterprise-scale software, it cannot be purchased direct from the website, meaning the only call-to-actions on the website were driving users to get in touch.

Now Ometis’ Qlik training is being conducted remotely, the client wanted the ability to sell their training courses to new users rather than existing customers. As such, e-commerce functionality had to be freshly built in, which Nifty did by redesigning the existing training page with a WooCommerce integration included. This has enabled users to book and pay for courses on specified dates, making it a much more efficient process for both the client and their audience.