Case study

Special Operations Agency – PPC

After previously providing PR and social media support to Special Operations Agency, Nifty wanted to utilise its considerable ads experience to trial PPC ads to sell the luxury, action-filled, secret agent style packages. 

Focusing on selling spaces for once-in-a-lifetime corporate packages, Nifty aimed to generate the best possible leads at the lowest possible costs. 

First up in the strategy plan was to identify the target audience. With experiences starting from £3,500 per head, we had to target those with a high disposable income and a high net worth. By fine tuning the audiences with this in mind, we ensured the leads were appropriate. 

Nifty produced a batch of compelling videos that showed a mission unfolding and utilised these, along with specific audiences created as a result of our audit phase, before utilising Facebook and YouTube to drive both the brand and direct leads.  

After running the ad for one month on a tight budget, Nifty achieved a total of 53 leads at just £4.32 each, reaching 11,881 people and creating 20,705 impressions. As a result we were able to increase ad spend, which in turn continues to generate more leads for our happy client.  

This ad campaign has now set the benchmark for future sales, and we are now looking forward to experiencing swift growth with this exciting account.