Case study

Stately Homes

In 2021, Nifty was approached by Stately Homes Ltd, a lavish home design and build company specialising in stately homes, to create a Christmas campaign. Using a repurposed luxurious film showcasing its value proposition that was originally intended for cinema viewing, Nifty produced a successful PPC campaign for the lead up to Christmas.  

Requiring a rapid turnaround, the aim of the campaign was to get as many of the right people watching the advert for brand awareness, heading to the website to find out more, and ultimately converting this traffic into leads.​ 

The audience was hyper-targeted with the aim to reach affluent individuals based in specific London postcodes. This was achieved by creating audiences based on demographic location, income, and behaviours.​ 

The advert itself was repurposed to fit Instagram Story specifications and a landing page for the website was created for any traffic generated from the ads.​ 

During the campaign, we continued to monitor and make several changes to optimise budget spend, moving between Instagram and Facebook and demographic targeting. This led to a much greater number of impressions than our initial projections.​ 

Overall, the entire campaign achieved just shy of one million impressions in the short period of time, reaching an affluent audience which otherwise may not have been attainable through other forms of advertisements.​ We were also able to generate 174 likes of the new Facebook page that we set up to build up the credibility of the brand. 

​​We are happy to have been part of such a luxurious campaign and are excited to develop our relationship further with the brand.