Case study

United We Conquer – Sponsorship

In the run up to Jack’s world-first Atlantic row, Nifty sought about securing a range of sponsorships to support his preparation and training. 

It was important for Nifty that Jack partnered with companies with an ethos which mirrored his own, while also offering products that could help him get in the best possible for shape for the 4,500 nautical mile row. 

Through Nifty’s extensive network and aside from the beautiful Land Rover Discovery supplied by Jardine Motors, we were able to secure deals with a further five companies. 

Jack partnered with the nation’s personal meal planning, preparation and delivery service, Macro Meals, who supplied him with four months’ worth of healthy meals prior to the row. The British soldier also partnered up with one of the UK’s most iconic sports nutrition companies in USN. This particular partnership saw Jack receive the ultimate nutritional deliveries, containing whey, bars, creatine and pre-workout – the latter was key to ensuring Jack could go hard in the gym a couple times a day. 

In addition to that Jack also partnered with Four Five CBD, receiving vitamins and wellness products for pre and during the row,  SF Nutrition with lean whey and super greens and PHIZZ, who supplied hydration tablets.