12th March 2024 - By: Barbara

Creative Campaigns: Inspiring UGC Submissions

best UGC campaigns

As brands battle for a moment in the spotlight, User Generated Content (UGC) campaigns have been growing in popularity in the background thanks to their authenticity and impact. 

UGC turns customers from passive onlookers into active participants, eagerly sharing their experiences of your products or services. That’s the point of UGC – to turn customers into brand ambassadors, storytellers and your most credible marketers.  

The beauty of UGC campaigns lies in their ability to weave diverse narratives from your audience, creating a rich tapestry of brand experiences that resonate with new and existing customers alike. 

Successful UGC campaigns share a common thread – they tap into the creativity and enthusiasm of the audience and make them feel like an integral part of the brand’s story. But how do these campaigns ignite such a spark? Is it the allure of being featured on a brand’s platform, or the desire to share one’s story? Well, it’s a bit of both, coupled with a strategic nudge in the right direction. 

From hashtag challenges that take social media by storm to photo contests that showcase the different ways a product can fit into everyday life, the best UGC campaigns know how to lay the groundwork for submissions that flood in. These initiatives not only amplify the brand’s reach but also deepen the connection with its community, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty. 

So, as we pull back the curtain on creating irresistible calls-to-action and strategies that encourage a deluge of UGC, remember, the goal is to craft campaigns that resonate on a personal level with your audience. It’s about giving them the stage and the spotlight to tell their own stories, with your brand playing a pivotal supporting role. 


Taylor Swift transcends her status as a global music icon by transforming her fans into the pulsating heart of her brand. Central to this strategy is her Instagram account, Taylor Nation, which doubles as a vibrant fan club and a pivotal arm of her PR and marketing efforts. The genius of Taylor Nation lies in its ability to breathe life into user-generated content campaigns that fans can’t get enough of. 

During the “TS The Eras Tour,” Taylor Nation ignited a creative spark among fans by inviting them to share their tour-inspired outfits on social media, tagging their posts with #TSTheErasTour. Swifties responded with enthusiasm, flooding the hashtag with photos of their outfits adorned with glitter and friendship bracelets, each ensemble a clear demonstration of their admiration for Swift.  

But the interaction didn’t end there; Taylor Nation curated these submissions, spotlighting their favourite looks by reposting them. This gesture of recognition made fans feel like stars, a phenomenon replicated in every city the tour touched. 

This campaign is a masterclass in how Taylor Swift and her team weave UGC into a broader customer marketing strategy, crafting a close-knit community around her brand. Fans are drawn into a narrative larger than the event itself – they become part of a shared saga, a collective adventure that extends beyond merely attending a concert. Through initiatives like these, Swift demonstrates the power of UGC in forging an indelible bond with her audience, turning every ticket purchase into an entry point into a communal experience. 


Sephora, the cosmetics giant, has masterfully crafted its Beauty Insider Community into a vibrant hub for beauty enthusiasts. This digital space is touted as the ultimate destination for sharing beauty tips, trends, advice and product recommendations with a community of real, like-minded individuals. But it’s not just the exchange of words that makes this platform stand out; it’s the visually captivating Community Gallery that truly showcases the impact that UGC can generate. 

Sephora’s Community Gallery is a demonstration of aesthetic and interactive design, filled with real customer contributions. The brand cleverly sources this content from social media tags and direct uploads, transforming it into an immersive, shoppable experience. Visitors to the site can easily click through the gallery, discovering products used in the UGC and purchasing them without ever leaving the page. 

What sets Sephora’s approach apart is the dynamic nature of the gallery, which refreshes with new approved UGC, keeping the content fresh and engaging. This strategy underscores Sephora’s commitment to valuing its customer’s voices and insights, all while fostering product discovery and driving conversions.  

Through this innovative use of UGC, Sephora not only celebrates its community’s creativity but also strengthens the bond between the brand and its customers, making every beauty insider feel seen and valued. 


Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign is a great example of UGC’s brilliance that left an indelible mark on the marketing world. Launched in 2011, this initiative saw the brand replacing its iconic logo with 150 of the most popular names in Australia, inviting individuals to find a Coke with their name or that of a loved one and share it with them. The simplicity and personal touch of the idea sparked a global frenzy, turning every Coke bottle into a personalised shoutout. 

The campaign’s charm lay not just in the personalisation but in how it tapped into the universal desire to share moments of connection. As people began to share images of their personalised Coke bottles on social media, the campaign turned into a worldwide phenomenon, extending to over 80 countries.  

Social platforms were awash with photos of friends, families and even strangers sharing a moment over a Coke, each picture serving as a testament to the campaign’s success in creating personal connections through a global brand. 

This surge of shared moments didn’t just amplify Coca-Cola’s presence across social media; it redefined the brand’s relationship with its consumers, making them active participants in the brand’s narrative.  

The “Share a Coke” campaign stands as a testament to the power of UGC in bridging the gap between global brands and individual consumer experiences, proving that a simple, relatable concept can turn into a global marketing sensation. 


As we wrap up this with what we hope are some great UGC campaigns, it’s clear that the power of user-generated content lies in its ability to forge genuine connections between brands and their audiences.  

What sets the best UGC campaigns apart is not just creativity but the ability to tap into the human desire for shared experiences and personal expression. By inviting customers to contribute their own stories and moments, brands like Coca-Cola, Sephora and Taylor Swift have not only amplified their reach but also deepened their relationship with consumers, creating a loyal community around shared values and experiences. 

The key takeaway for marketers? Use the authenticity and diversity of your audience’s voices. Encourage them to share their experiences with your brand and make those stories a central part of your marketing strategy. After all, the most memorable brand stories are often those told not by the brands themselves but by the people who love them.