23rd September 2022 - By: alda09x024

Danielle Signs for Nifty!

Contract Signing

As an individual who is always looking for a challenge, I believe working at Nifty will help me push the boundaries, explore new opportunities while learning and developing personally and professionally.

My undergraduate degree was an exciting three years where I developed a range of performance skills from dance to live art. In addition to this, I learnt digital competency skills such as video production, website creation and UX.

After struggling to see myself working in the performance industry and discovering a growing business mind inside me, I was ready to take my next step in education, completing an MSc in Digital Marketing. This degree propelled my learning, and I developed my analytical skills, strategy and core communication practice.

I began specialising in sports marketing, completing various projects across the year, which led me to complete my master’s thesis on motorsport marketing. This thesis provided great insight and theoretical knowledge of the sports marketing industry and several models that are used by large organisations to ensure their goals are being achieved.

During my studies, I knew it was important to gain experience, so I began working part-time as a freelancer. This included social media management, project management and other digital marketing tasks.  On reflection, this experience was invaluable to me, as I was able to expand my professional skills and gain an insight into the industry.

All these experiences combined have allowed me to start my new role at Nifty. Even before my first interview, the role seemed like a great fit. I have always had an interest in sports and after specialising in sports marketing, I am confident that this is the next step in my career.

In my first few days, I learned the internal workings of an agency and started working on client accounts. Every day is a learning experience with plenty of professionals to help me develop my practice. I am most looking forward to working creatively with the team, discussing ideas and making projects come to life. Being part of Nifty so far has been challenging, insightful but most of all fun, and I can’t wait to see what my future with Nifty holds.