21st March 2023 - By: alda09x024

DAZN Partners Up With Sky

DAZN partners up with Sky

The leading sports streaming service, DAZN, has declared the start of its linear Sky program in the UK and Ireland. The partnership will see a 24-hour channel on Sky Q and Sky HD which will launch March 23rd.  The coming together of two sporting platforms represents a substantial change in the landscape of sports broadcasting. 

How will it work? 

Sky subscribers will have access to a variety of live sporting activities on the channel, including exclusive boxing, Premier League football and major tennis events. Additionally, DAZN will provide its own original programming and commentary, providing viewers with a distinctive viewpoint on the sporting world. 

The partnership benefits both businesses – a win-win scenario. DAZN will gain access to Sky’s sizable subscriber base, and Sky will profit from DAZN’s comprehensive sports offerings. As new competitors enter the market, it also represents a major change in the way that sports broadcasting is delivered, challenging the conventional linear model. 

Changes to sports broadcasting 

For a number of years now, the transition to streaming has been gaining traction in the sports business. Viewers are no longer constrained by conventional broadcasting schedules and thanks to the development of digital technology, streaming services have become accessible on: 

  • Smartphones  
  • Tablets  
  • Smart TVs.  

This development has led to fans increasingly seeking instant on-demand live sporting events and original content. 

Additionally the trend of instant, new and on demand content was especially noticeable during the pandemic. The cancellation of live events, networks were forced to come up with new strategies for interacting and retaining their viewers. This has allowed streaming services like DAZN and Amazon Prime Video to quickly take advantage of the opportunity, by providing viewers with a variety of live sporting events and original content. 

Other networks may feel pressure from the partnership of two major players in the sports broadcasting industry. Networks will have to adapt to the changing landscape and find new ways to engage with their audiences. It emphasizes the increasing significance of streaming in the market and points to the future of sports programming.  

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