5th April 2023 - By: alda09x024

DAZN Plan PL & EFL Deal

DAZN plan PL & EFL deal

The traditional model of televised sports has been significantly disturbed by streaming platforms in recent years. This week, it was revealed DAZN are planning to strike a deal with the Premier League and EFL for broadcasting rights to all games.  The agreement will potentially put an end to the long-standing 3pm blackout in the UK. The 3pm blackout prohibits live football from being broadcasted on Saturdays between 2:45pm and 5:15pm. At the speed DAZN is currently growing, with boxing and UFC deals in particular, it’s no surprise that they have their eyes on football. 

DAZN already broadcast sport in a number of nations, including Italy, Spain and Japan. The plan in place would mean more live matches are to become available to football fans in the UK. However, there are worries the deal between DAZN, the PL and EFL might have a damaging impact on football match attendance. 

Fans consumer needs 

The way fans consume sports has significantly changed as a result of social media. Nowadays, social media sites like Twitter and Facebook allow users to get instant updates of live sporting events. Fans can even view game highlights on websites like YouTube, just minutes after the game has ended. Yet, there is still demand for live matches, for fans who cannot attend games. This has arguably increased demand for live streaming services broadcasting sport. DAZN have noticed this and are attempting to take advantage of it by offering live coverage of matches on various platforms. 

The accessibility of streaming services from anywhere at any time is one of their main benefits allowing fans to support their team. Additionally, it enables broadcasters to connect with a previously untapped audience. The future of sports broadcasting is likely set to see streaming services take on an even more significant role in the sporting industry, especially if the likes of DAZN are able to sign this deal. The deal itself isn’t unlikely as Amazon Prime currently have rights to some Premier League games. 

Future of sports broadcasting

It is clear to see digital platforms and streaming services are causing changes in the world of sports broadcasting. The potential partnership between DAZN, the Premier League and the EFL is an important deal. It will likely define DAZN as a major player in the world of football broadcasting. DAZN is planning to fulfil the evolving needs and preferences of sports fans. Fans are now turning to social media and streaming services for their fix of live sports, through live coverage of matches across a variety of platforms. While there are doubts regarding the effect of more TV coverage of football games. Its evident streaming services are here to stay. 

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