14th March 2023 - By: alda09x024

Development in Women’s Sport

women's high jump

In comparison to men’s sports, women’s sports have long been disregarded and underappreciated. Despite the amazing progress and remarkable accomplishments made by female athletes, there are few chances for funding and sponsorship. Recent events, however, have demonstrated change is possible, and female athletes are now beginning to get the credit and funding they deserve. 

How are businesses helping?

One business that has stepped up to help women’s sports is Ally Financial. As of 2019, Ally has continued to support the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) as its title backer for an additional three years. In addition to giving the NWSL financial support, this collaboration has helped to raise awareness of women’s football and the talented athletes who compete in it. 

The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and Google recently revealed a partnership.  As part of this partnership, the league will receive funding and resources which will improve the experience for fans and support the expansion of women’s basketball for many years to come. The fact Google is backing the WNBA is positive indication businesses are realising the importance of women’s sport. 

The effects of funding on women’s sport

It’s essential to remember this kind of support for women’s sports is more than just supplying funding for it. It’s also about opportunities for female athletes to display their talents and finally receive recognition for their hard work. Companies such as Ally and Google are not only funding women’s sport but are actively supporting equal opportunities for women. 

These alliances have an effect not only on the playing field, but also off it. More young girls and women are encouraged to explore athletics and see a future in sports by raising the profile of women’s sports. These collaborations demonstrate women’s sport is just as thrilling and competitive as men’s sport, helping to dispel obstacles and stereotypes surrounding them. 

Still a long way to go

In terms of promoting women’s athletics, there is still a long way to go. Forbes reported that only 0.4% of all sports sponsorship agreements go to women’s sports. In addition to having an impact on the athletes, this finance disparity restrains the expansion and advancement of women’s sports. 

In conclusion, organisations like Google and Ally Financial are serving as role models for the value of promoting women’s athletics. Companies that support women’s sports not only contribute financially but also work to remove obstacles and open doors for female competitors. As a community, we must keep pushing for the acceptance and encouragement of women’s sports and working to level the playing field for all athletes. 

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