1st April 2022 - By: alda09x024

Don’t Be Fooled, There Are Some Great Campaigns This Year! 

Big text campaign

Pinch punch… you know the rest. 

Let’s face it, as soon as we looked over at our phones this morning we were all reminded of the date (well maybe some of us were still none the wiser) and rushed over to social media to check out the funniest and best April Fool’s Day campaigns, while second guessing everything we saw or considered purchasing. 

Here at Nifty we’re well aware that brands often succeed in pulling the wool over the public’s eyes. Let’s rewind to last year when our very own Communications Manager, Jamie, signed up to a ‘downhill marathon’ because of a single social media post. However, staying true to his word he still completed the course (forwards!) Well done, Jamie! 

Now that another April Fool’s Day has been and gone we want take a look at some of this year’s absolute crackers and take a sneak peak at our very own as we couldn’t resist an opportunity to get our creative heads together – because that’s what we do. 

Walkers Crisps 

We’re not naming names, but we all know someone who simply loves a good crisp sandwich and Walkers certainly cottoned onto this with their funny April Fools idea ,and let’s face it, I am sure their sales would increase if this came into play. One to watch! 


VAR is still on the tip of the footballing world’s tongue so it’s no surprise Specsavers saw a great opportunity here. This is classic Specsavers, who quite frankly never miss (unlike VAR) and we’re big fans of the eyewear provider Nifty HQ.  


A nice touch for the upcoming Platinum Jubilee, Dulux did something a little different by replacing their iconic dog with the Queen’s pet corgis. As much as we want this to be true, it isn’t. 


Lidl announcing their new fragrance post Mother’s Day may have come as shock to many. Their rather amusing and corny name ‘Eau De Dough’ featuring a croissant on the lid is very much an obvious prank and one that we’re pretty certain Duty Free won’t be stocking up on. 


Time to cancel the weekly Sunday Roast and don’t worry about the desert as Ocado has launched a new alternative that combines two of the best British dishes (don’t panic, we joke). We’re extremely pleased to hear this new product launch is an April Fool’s as there doesn’t seem to be many takers in our office 


Saving the best until last! We wouldn’t be a PR Agency without getting creative and coming up with an April Fools Day post ourselves, so we had our Marketing Manager Amy create a masterpiece.  It’s not the best to look at but you do get an informative eBook out of it! 

We hope you enjoyed a summary of a selection of the best campaigns this year and we hope it put a smile on your face this Friday.