22nd November 2022 - By: alda09x024

Extra time = Extra coverage  

Sports media agency

Only a few games into the World Cup and fans are beginning to notice one common theme. Extra time, and plenty of it. In England’s first game against Iran, the clock totalled 117 minutes, this was partially due to injury on the pitch, but why has every game followed suit?  

FIFA confirmed that officials have been instructed to make note of lost time during all games, in order to balance out the time wasted after goal celebrations, injuries and other incidents. With the added time so far totalling to 85 minutes, it begs the question, are sponsors benefiting?  

Even though there has been an incredible amount of backlash for sponsors of the World Cup, especially Budweiser’s £65 million sponsorship deal, brands may be getting increased exposure from the extra time, which could result in greater return on investment. Although the extra time is not being added to directly benefit sponsors, it most likely is providing them with some relief after the intense, controversial build up. Also, with many sponsors questioning their decision to be a part of the World Cup this year, this may be the good news they’ve been waiting for.  

There is far more to sponsorship than just shirts and advertising boards, but it’s exactly these ‘standard’ forms of sponsorship that are benefiting most from this added time. Those who have been tuning into the World Cup over the past few days will notice some of the planet’s most iconic brands adorning the side of the pitch, from McDonalds, to VISA, not to mention sports fashion giants, Adidas. We can already picture some of the key decision makers at these brands having a little fist pump every time the fourth official lifts the added time board, after all it’s free publicity.  

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