4th November 2022 - By: alda09x024

Facebook Monetisation: Fans Feel Closer to the Action


There are still people in the comms world who aren’t aware of Facebook monetisation tools and, to be perfectly honest, we think that’s mad. 

It may have risen during the post-MySpace era but Facebook is still the most popular platform and is widely recognised as the OG of social media. As Facebook has evolved over the past 18 years, so has the platform’s monetisation opportunities which offer huge revenue-generating potential.   

That’s why we’ve written this blog. First, we want everyone to understand Facebook’s earning power and second, we want to give you some Nifty tips on how to unlock new, residual revenue streams.  

Does anyone still use Facebook though?  

In a word, yes. With almost three billion monthly active users, Facebook is still top of the tree so there is huge potential to increase revenue. This is even greater for sports organisations who have the capability to create great video content, as Facebook racks up more than four billion video views each day. 

On Facebook, you’ll be mainly reaching men and women aged 35-44 . In terms of ads, over half of Facebook’s ad audience are male. For sports teams considering monetising their content on Facebook, knowing where the potential audience is and how to capture their interest still holds huge untapped potential for clubs and brands.  

Where do I start?  

Understanding the audience on Facebook can help monetise content efficiently. If you are already producing content, receiving engagement and working with brands, monetising should be your next step. You’ll be well on your way to maximising Facebook monetisation if you can persuade your fans to engage with your social media sites rather than merely follow them. We’ve created a few helpful guides on this. 

What is the best monetisation option? 

The methods to start making money on Facebook are simple to implement but getting there can be more difficult. Here are the various tools needed for monetisation, the criteria for Facebook monetisation you must meet and what it may achieve for your Page. 

Facebook Subscriptions 

It makes sense to use a subscription model if you have a loyal following – which most sports organisations do! This entails paying a monthly fee in exchange for access to exclusive material; it’s an easy way for fans to support their favourite creators. From experience, we know sports fans want exclusive access to live videos, interviews and behind-the-scenes content and to become closer with the team and/or athletes. It’s often important to a fan to feel like part of their community, 

In-Stream Ads  

More people are now spending more time watching live content on social. Because of this, In-Stream ads can be used to build residual revenue streams. For this, you’ll need to build up your viewing, so producing live sport content that fans want to see is vital.  

The opportunities available should be tailored and suited to your marketing goals and strategy. Read the eBook to find out more monetisation tools and if you are already eligible for Facebook monetisation.