7th November 2022 - By: Sam Wright

Fans priced out of the match day experience offers value digitally

Empty Stadium

A few days ago, BBC Football shared a post focusing on how fans are being priced out of the match day experience, with the cost-of-living crisis affecting their ability to go and watch their beloved team, live and in the flesh.

The post shared quotes from two Norwich fans, as well as a loyal follower of both Preston and Oxford – all of which referenced the excessive costs that are now associated with going to the game.

Here at Nifty HQ, this got us talking (like all of the big sports stories do!) and discussing how this will undoubtedly offer clubs the opportunity to commercialise digitally and counteract missing out on gate receipts.

We speak about it a lot, but the thing that fans want more than anything is access. That’s regardless of whether they are walking through the turnstiles week-in, week-out. So, if a fan has previously been a diehard and who went to every single game can no longer do so, their love most certainly hasn’t died. The passion for their team still burns inside of them and this passion is exactly where clubs can monetise.

If a fan is missing out on the match day experience they are going to look even more to their favourite digital/social platforms to keep up with the goings on at their club. Whether that be highlights of games, best bits from training, behind the scenes content or even interviews with players and staff, these are all incredibly strong pieces of content which clubs can use to monetise.

Fans want to feel involved and informed. A fan loves nothing more than talking about their club with friends and family and if they’ve missed the last few games because of the increase in ticket prices, they’re going to look to the club’s owned channels to keep those conversation going.

There are so many ways in which a cub can monetise on these opportunities, something we’re experts at. In fact, we tell you everything you need to know in our latest eBook. Why not check that out and if you have any questions and want to start commercialising on this new trend, give us a ring!