5th April 2023 - By: alda09x024

FA Considering Ending the 3pm Football Blackout

Two men in suits holding footballs

According to reports, the Football Association (FA) is thinking about ending the Saturday 3pm football blackout.

Here are some benefits of ending the 3pm football blackout:

  • More Income: If the 3pm blackout were lifted, it may entice other broadcasters who are now unable to air live matches during this time to purchase the rights. This may generate bidding wars for the rights, which would raise prices and bring in more money for the FA.
  • Attracting Younger Audiences: Millennial football fans are accustomed to viewing games on their computers or mobile devices. The FA may draw in younger audiences—who are more inclined to stream matches on mobile devices—by abolishing the 3pm blackout.
  • Increasing the Profile of Smaller Clubs: Because they are not shown on television as frequently as the larger clubs, smaller clubs frequently suffer as a result of the 3 p.m. blackout. If the blackout were removed, smaller clubs may have the opportunity to be viewed by a larger audience, raising their profile and possibly their earnings.
  • Enhancing Fan Engagement: Some fans believe that the 3pm blackout is out of date because it has been in place for so long. The FA could improve fan involvement and provide supporters with what they want—more options to watch live matches—by removing the blackout.
  • Combating Illegal Streaming: The growth of unauthorised streaming is one of the primary justifications for eliminating the 3pm blackout. The FA could combat illicit streaming and guarantee that supporters are viewing matches in a safe and legal manner by making matches easier to watch legitimately.
  • Broadcaster Flexibility: By ending the 3pm blackout, broadcasters would have more options for scheduling games. It would be simpler to fit matches around other sports and events if they could broadcast matches at any time.

The 3pm blackout has been a fixture of English football for many years, but it may be time for a change. Ending the blackout could have significant benefits for the FA, broadcasters, and fans alike. By making matches more readily available, the FA could increase revenue, attract younger audiences, and give smaller clubs the chance to shine. It remains to be seen whether the blackout will be lifted, but it is clear that there are many potential benefits to doing so.

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