8th October 2021 - By: alda09x024

Guerrilla Marketing is King

Guerilla marketing

In a consumer world where there is so much noise, brands must stand out from the crowd and sometimes the best way to do this is to think outside the box, AKA guerrilla marketing. Taking the limelight away from traditional methods, guerrilla marketing raises brand awareness among large audiences without interrupting them. Here’s two of our favourites from the past week. 

Prada comes to town 

Prada took the concept of unconventional marketing and ran with it as it launched its ‘Feels Like Prada’ campaign, invoking conversation with a flash mob initiative; firstly, in a bakery in Milan and then sweeping across the globe to China.  

During a National Holiday in China, Prada collaborated with a local market in Shanghai to wrap absolutely everything in the brand, and we mean EVERYTHING. From shopping bags to fruit, the market was alive and kicking with the sound of Prada. 

This ‘in-your-face’ marketing worked wonders, not only because consumers long for luxury brands to be more inclusive, but also because there was a strong desire to travel, consume and purchase products following the global pandemic.  

Prada described this campaign as “an unprecedented invitation to experience the emotional scope of the brand,” and said it expressed “the same desire for contact, a need for sharing and relationships, which constitutes the genesis of the collection.” 

The best thing about all of this is that it got people talking and brought everyone together, which is a relatively new concept for high-profile designer brands, where previously people sometimes felt excluded from joining the ‘luxury club’.  

Prada carefully selects areas within a city or country that are truly authentic and mean something to locals, creating an emotive campaign, potentially achieving a competitive edge in the fashion industry where the focus shifts away from the products themselves.  

Look out for this iconic brand coming to a destination near you as Prada is set to be rolled out in Florence, Rome, Paris, London, New York and Tokyo. The question on everyone’s lips is where exactly will it pop up next? 

That’s a wrap.  

Chasing 30 

The mysterious addition of the number 30 on landmark buildings such as the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum and many more certainly got Twitter into a frenzy as speculation grew over whether Grammy-award-winning star, Adele, would be announcing the launch of her new album.  

The number was projected onto famous buildings in a rather familiar font making us all wait and wonder. The stealth simplicity of this teaser campaign sparked a major fan moment online, with one adoring supporter commenting “My condolences to any artist releasing the same week or even year as Adele.” 

Momentum and speculation result in conversation being initiated, making a campaign far more effective.  

At the end of the day people love a good old mystery and the fact Adele is yet to announce her album launch, but fans are convinced their favourite artist is about to release her first album since 2015, means she has got her marketing strategy right. Kudos to her team. 

For now, all we can do is continue chasing those leads or should we say pavements and see if any more clues are leaked.  

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It is time to be nifty.