17th November 2022 - By: alda09x024

How to Monetise YouTube: a Versatile Video Platform

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We may be bias but here at Nifty we don’t think people are talking about YouTube monetisation enough.  

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know video content has spiralled and become the forefront of many marketing campaigns. If you’re working with video already, monetising on YouTube should be an easy step to make, so let’s show you how.  

YouTube is winning when it comes to video, obviously, and when it comes to unlocking revenue from the platform, all you need to do is create quality content and meet the eligibility requirements. Your success with YouTube monetisation depends entirely on the success of your videos. The more people who view your content, the more money you can earn. 

YouTube Shorts Fund 

Being inspired by Tik Tok and Instagram, YouTube introduced Shorts – short form video content that is addictive and engaging.  For creators and brands that utilise shorts, there is a fund that is distributed every month to reward creators for their work.  

Channel Membership  

Similar to other platforms, YouTube offers fans the chance to pay a monthly membership fee so they can access exclusive content, 1:1 live chat or even product discounts. For any sport fan, having exclusive access like this can be a dream.  

YouTube Ads 

YouTube is a well-integrated platform, where users can watch Shorts on their mobiles phones or longer form content on their TV. Watching YouTube on TV became extremely popular in 2020, with 120 million people tuning in. Regardless of how users watch YouTube though, utilising ads, whether that is display, overlay, or video, is a great way to monetise existing content on the platform. 

Ads that display before or during your videos are the most ‘conventional’ approach to earn money on YouTube. You can choose where the adverts appear on your videos from a variety of YouTube ad styles. Sounds easy right?  

Due to how versatile YouTube has become, from a myriad of industries to new content formats, brands need to understand how to use the platform for reach and greater revenue. We’ve created an eBook which explains whether you’re eligible to earn and the best ways to monetise content.