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Impactful Brand Communications Through Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

As a business owner in the UK, are you fed up with the fragmented and complex marketing landscape?

There has been a flood of different channels, markets and products, making consumers indifferent to the continuous barrage of advertisements. This begs the question, how do businesses set themselves apart from the rest? How can they engage new customers, while also saving time and money? Is it possible for them to attract a wider audience and also economise and save time?

With integrated marketing in the UK, this is made readily possible.

The potential of integrated marketing is unrivalled. This is not to be confused with omnichannel marketing that concentrates on customer experience rather than brand message.  Research has revealed that integrated strategies spanning 4 channels or more can surpass singular or dual-channel strategies by a whopping 300%. This approach is cost-effective as it calls for content creation that can be leveraged for multiple purposes, spanning different channels. When done right, integrated marketing in the UK allows you to:

Make a mark – You can establish deeper brand recognition if you maintain consistency with headlines, graphics and brand taglines spanning a range of platforms and channels. Branding consistency serves to highlight marketing themes by multiplying the frequency with which potential customers view or engage with consistent brand messaging.

Lower expenses – Once you concentrate on a unified message, you don’t merely lower expenses on campaign creation, in fact you also eliminate budget-wastage that occurs with erratic campaigns.

Experience improved outcomes – When you blend messaging and communication tools, it reinforces the output of marketing initiatives. The more your brand’s touchpoints are centralised, strategic, and focused the stronger will be the chances of higher sales and brand loyalty.

How To Get Started With Integrated Marketing In The UK

When it comes to integrated marketing, you would not simply be promoting similar ads on various platforms. The returns you receive will be contingent on the strategic approach you take to adjust your message in accordance with different marketing channels. You would need to use consistent storytelling to draw-out positive reactions from your customers.

With that in mind, how do you start creating an effective integrated marketing campaign?

Devise a persuasive concept- The commonality found among effective integrated marketing campaigns is that they invariably involve interesting ideas. You can begin by defining what gives you an edge over your competitors. Against this background, you can start generating creative ideas on how to spin a humorous, emotional, thrilling story that puts forward your unique selling point.

Step into your consumer’s shoes- When it comes to business, EQ trumps IQ. Before developing any campaigns, you have to first answer, “What’s important to my customers?” Think about how you can solve their problems and make their lives easier.

Coordinate your persuasive idea with your brand ideologies- You need to come up with a compelling marketing concept that reflects your brand values. Has your overall mission been defined? Would you like to be known for offering competitive prices? Trademark designs? Or a blend of both?

Draw the benefits of various channels- Use content that plays to the strengths of different channels, tied together by your compelling idea.

There are considerable benefits to offering consistent brand messaging on all platforms rather than promoting separate campaigns on each channel. You can opt for integrated marketing in the UK to gain increased leads and allow prospects to quickly comprehend your brand’s intended message.

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