21st June 2022 - By: alda09x024

Intern to Account Executive…

One year ago, while in my summer break from university, I decided to search for a company that fitted my passion for PR. This is where I came across Nifty Communications, and after one year as an intern, I am now delighted to say I have officially joined Nifty as an Account Executive. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time as an intern, working with clients and gaining a skillset I will take with me for the rest of my career. This also allowed me to try different tasks and aspects of work allowing me to find the strengths that I now bring to the office on a daily basis. 

Working at Nifty was the opportunity that I needed as it allowed me to come into the office every Wednesday and put into practice what I had learned at university. My internship highlight has to be achieving a shout-out from none other than David Beckham. It was part of our full-service campaign for Jack Jarvis’ world-first Atlantic row and it’s something that will remain on my list of achievements forever. It also resulted in so many donations to brainstrust which was the cherry on top!  

Now my internship has come to an end I can look back and appreciate the time the team spent developing my skills. The opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry means I now go into my new role with the skills and confidence to succeed.  

With the transition process now taking place from my internship to my new role I have taken on more responsibility directly managing influencer relationships and regular client liaison. I’m now more hands-on which I absolutely love, and it gives me more of an insight into the day-to-day running of various client accounts.  

I am super thankful to the Nifty team for developing my skills and as a result, I’m now confident I can be an asset within the industry and I’m looking forward to what the future holds.   

Nifty Bio  

Graduating Worcester University with a degree in advertising, marketing and PR while also joining us as an intern, Jake prides himself on his hard work and passion for PR. Within his first year in the industry Jake settled into the Nifty team learning the roles and his strengths going forward.  

Throughout his internship at Nifty Jake enjoyed working with influencers and creating long-lasting relationships that he looks forward to bringing into his new role at Nifty. This included achieving shout-outs from David Beckham, Jonny Wilkinson and Sir Steve Redgrave for our client Jack Jarvis.  

A lover of all sports and a follower of local team Hereford FC, he can’t wait to get started within his new role joining us from August full time.