6th December 2022 - By: alda09x024

Key Integrated Marketing Trends on the Horizon


With a holistic strategy, an integrated marketing agency can empower businesses to reach out to a much larger audience base and offer products and services through personalisation.

Marketing strategies have to evolve in order to be relevant. To create a robust strategy for the short haul, it’s imperative to gain insights on the long term projections of your business. It can never be concluded with absolute certainty what marketing will involve in the years to come, nonetheless industry experts can share useful forecasts and insights into a few of the trends.

So, let’s get into the latest marketing trends that an integrated marketing agency would say build great customer experiences and long term relationships.

Social Commerce

Commerce through social media is at long last becoming a common means of shopping. Businesses are taking full advantage of aspects like social media friendly ad creation, the use of influencer marketing, and adding their ecommerce systems to their social media accounts.

Push Notifications

Businesses are exploiting push notifications as it’s proven to be a highly effective strategy to draw user’s interest in their offerings. What’s heartening is that consumers are hitting allow on push notification permissions, allowing businesses to connect with them.

Well-designed push notification content shared at a reasonable frequency can prompt users to open apps, boost user engagement and increase conversions. As any top integrated marketing agency would tell you, this strategy is a must in your marketing plan.

Content Visualisation

It has proved that consumers favour visual content rather than text based content. The current generations are more inclined to use visual search among the latest innovation options. Audiences are able to retain visual content more than its text based counterpart.

Things like images, data visualisations, videos and infographics can be included in your content to strengthen its retention in the minds of your audience, ensuring that they understand your brands better. It is a vital part of integrated marketing communications.

Voice Search

While you may not be ready to leverage smart speakers to market your business, it’s imperative that you optimise your content for voice search. Consumers don’t use voice search in the same way as text based searches.

A large number of consumers opt for voice search to prompt local results. Businesses need to create their content to accommodate these long and conversational queries, voice search marketing in their plan to give consumers what they want.


Imagine a consumer is being shown products from two brands that serve the same purpose, it’s almost certain that the one they will opt for would be the one whose advertising he or she relates to personally.

These days, consumers are inundated with marketing and advertisements from a range of different sources and are for understandable reasons beginning to treat it like white noise. This is where personalization comes in. It builds a deeper link between businesses and their audience. In fact, today hyper-personalization is possible thanks to technology like big data and AI.

Using a holistic strategy, an integrated marketing agency can help businesses reach out to a much wider audience and deliver personalised offerings.