20th September 2023 - By: Barbara

Let’s welcome Barbara to Nifty!

Photo of Barbara, our newest addition to the Nifty Team

Hello everyone, My name is Barbara (also known as Barbs) and I am the newest Marketing Executive here at Nifty Comms.

Ever since I was a kid, I had this feeling that I wanted to do something related to journalism. You can blame it on the countless hours my mum and I spent watching this TV show called ‘Gilmore Girls’ – I basically wanted to be Rory and follow in her journalistic footsteps. Plus, I’ve always been a bookworm and had a passion for expressing myself through words.

However, my journey into the media world had a twist. It all started when I came across these fan-made videos from people sharing their love for their favourite movies and TV shows. I was so impressed and inspired by their creativity that I decided to jump in myself and create my own videos too. I even created a fan account and started sharing my own projects on social media. That’s when it hit me – I absolutely loved video editing, especially when it meant I could evoke emotions and connect with people who shared my passion.

From that moment on, it was all about chasing my dream. But let’s be real, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. I faced rejection from my dream university in Spain. So, what did I do? In a matter of days, I made the bold decision to pack my bags and move to the UK and do my university degree here in Worcester, where I knew no one. That move defined me and showed me what I was truly capable of.

While I was at university. I poured my heart into perfecting my journalism and creative skills while keeping an eye out for any job opportunities and volunteering, which introduced me to the world of content creation and marketing.

Fast forward to post-university life, I landed an incredible job in social media and content creation. It was a chance to take my copywriting skills to the next level, dive deep into the world of analytics, and level up my video production and editing in a more professional way.

All that hard work and determination led me here, to Nifty’s offices, where I’m filled with excitement and ready to learn and contribute to this awesome team.

I’ve learned that dedication and hard work always pay off, and I’m proud and super stoked about what the future holds with Nifty.