24th January 2024 - By: Barbara

Meet Venu, our newest Account Executive

Venu Sivasubramaniam

Hey there, Nifty Universe! 

I’m Venu Sivasubramaniam, your newest comrade in the dynamic world of marketing. From the lush green fields of Tamil Nadu to the innovative corridors of Nifty Communications, my journey has been nothing short of a spicy cricket match – thrilling, unpredictable and absolutely enjoyable! 

Cricket, Cuisine, and Creativity: 

Yes, I love cricket, but there’s more to the story. When I’m not on the field, you can find me in the kitchen, whipping up some fiery South Indian delicacies. Cooking, for me, is like marketing – it’s all about mixing the right ingredients to create something extraordinary. The kitchen becomes my playground, where spices and flavours blend, much like the diverse strategies in marketing. Just as a perfectly balanced dish can delight the senses, a well-crafted marketing campaign can captivate an audience. Whether it’s experimenting with bold flavours or innovative marketing techniques, the thrill lies in creating something memorable and impactful. In both arenas, it’s the passion and creativity that transform ordinary ingredients into a remarkable experience. 

From Vanilla Beans to Marketing Dreams and Beyond: 

My professional journey began at Goodness Vanilla, mastering the A-Z of marketing, from packing to branding and expanding from retail to B2B markets. As part of the team, I contributed to launching our products nationwide, transforming vanilla dreams into market realities. This role was a marketing masterclass, enriching me with invaluable skills. My journey continued at Tusker Kitchens in India, where I introduced the first-of-its-kind stainless steel modular kitchens and vanities. Leading these groundbreaking projects, I further honed my skills in innovative product launches and market strategy. 

The Nifty Adventure: A Kaleidoscope of Industries 

At Nifty Communications, my role as an Account Executive is an exploration across varied landscapes. From the energetic world of sports marketing to the creative pulses of the entertainment sector, and from the evolving park homes industry to the dynamic realm of telecommunications, I embrace each industry’s unique challenges and opportunities. Alongside these, I delve into the world of consumer goods, where understanding customer needs and market trends is key. Each sector, with its distinct narrative, allows me to blend creativity with strategy, crafting impactful stories that resonate across diverse audiences… 

A Blend of Digital and Traditional: 

What excites me the most about Nifty is the fusion of traditional marketing wisdom with the cutting-edge digital realm. This synergy is not just enhancing my skill set but also amplifying my creative ideas, which I’m already starting to contribute to the team. It’s like adding a digital spice to my marketing curry! 

Every Day, A New Chapter: My Nifty Odyssey at the Six-Year Mark 

It’s been a whirlwind six years in the marketing realm, topped with a five-year academic marathon in the same field. Now, three weeks into my Nifty journey, every day is like a page from a marketing thriller – unpredictable, challenging, and utterly exhilarating. This blend of academic theory and half a decade of practical wizardry makes each project at Nifty not just a task, but a canvas for creativity and innovation. Here, in the Nifty universe, I’m not just crafting campaigns; I’m weaving a rich tapestry of experiences, ideas, and digital savvy into every story we tell.” 

Stay tuned, Nifty Universe, as I embark on this exhilarating journey and continue to learn, grow and contribute in the most Nifty way possible!