24th February 2022 - By: alda09x024

Meta Means Business as It Launches Facebook Reels & More

Facebook on phone screen

As we all know, social media is constantly evolving with new updates and concepts and here at Nifty we love to try out the latest additions and put them to the test. A few features, including Facebook Reels, have already now made their debut on our favourite social media apps and, to break through the noise, we wanted to let you know about the stand-out changes.

Meta launches Facebook Reels

In the blue corner we have TikTok and in the, erm, other blue corner we have… Facebook.

The battle is on for both platforms as earlier this week Meta announced the next stage for the launch of Facebook Reels. We all remember how TikTok took over the world during the pandemic, giving us entertainment in what might have been the most boring time of our lives. But now it seems Meta have jumped on the ever-evolving notion of short form video content meaning TikTok better watch its back as there’s a new kid on the block.

As part of the announcement, Meta revealed how it would encourage creators to produce content on the platform. Eligible creators can earn up to $35,000 per month with its Reels Play bonus programme depending on the views they get. Direct monetisation for Facebook Reels in the form of ad revenue share and fan support options are currently being built, while tests of overlay ads have been expanded in the USA, Mexico and Canada, so stay tuned for a potential roll-out this side of the pond.

Instagram has a new function for sending likes to Stories

We all know the pain of sifting through your message requests, navigating through the copious amounts of Story reactions. Well, it appears Instagram has recognised users’ frustration, launching a new feature which enables someone to like a story without sending private messages to the creators. Let’s hear from the man himself, CEO Adam Mosseri: “Now when you browse Stories, you will see a heart icon between the send message icons and the paper airplane. If you click on it, a like will be sent to the author of this Stories, and this like will appear in the watch list, and not in your private message thread with them’. Well played, Adam, well played indeed.

Facebook’s ‘News Feed’ will now be known just as ‘Feed’

Yes, I am sure you are wondering what the difference will be and to let you into a little secret, so are we. Contrasting with the launch of Facebook Reels, this a very subtle change, but it echoes the seismic shift that has taken place since the dramatic Meta launch, and we are sure there will be further updates to follow so watch this space.

Avatar updates

It’s official, 3D Avatars are rolling out to Stories and DMs for Meta paving the way for the future of the digital world, as we all wait in anticipation for the growth of the Metaverse and all that it will bring. This is a poignant move for Meta, as avatars are key for allowing users to establish personal identity within the new virtual world.

So there we have it, a round-up of all the new features so far. ‘So far’ being the key phrase as there’ll no doubt be more to follow, and you know you’ll be seeing a Nifty blog when they do.

We can’t wait to try out Facebook Reels and all the new features. Let us know what you’re most looking forward to in the comments below!