5th April 2023 - By: alda09x024

MLS and TikTok Strike Sponsorship Deal

MLS and TikTok strike sponsorship deal

The well-known short-form video app TikTok recently revealed a new sponsorship deal with Major League Soccer (MLS). This represents the business’ most recent entry into the world of sports marketing. 

As part of the agreement, TikTok will take on the role of official jersey sponsor for the Portland Timbers, an Oregon-based professional football club. The TikTok logo will be widely displayed on the front of the Timbers’ kit. The sponsorship is signed for two year deal. For TikTok, which has already established itself as a major player in the social media industry, this move marks a significant expansion. Over 2bn people have already downloaded the app globally, and younger users have taken a particular liking to it. 

Given the emphasis on short-form video material on TikTok, the new sponsorship deal with MLS makes perfect sense. Due to this new collaboration, TikTok will be able to effectively reach one of the most passionate and engaged sports audiences in the world: football fans. The agreement provides MLS with an incredible opportunity to broaden the reach of its brand and involve a new group of fans.  

This deal is a win-win situation for both parties. The partnership with MLS will undoubtingly increase fan engagement and possible new fans. This will allow TikTok to create a stronger presence in the world of sports marketing. TikTok is becoming an important platform for sports highlights and news. So, there’s no doubt we’ll probably see similar partnerships in the coming years. 

Social Media and Sport

Sport leagues and teams are utilising social media platforms to increase fan engagement and bring in new fans. Social media continues to play a significant role in the world of sports promotion and TikTok is quick to capitalise. This will give fans the opportunity to interact with their favourite teams and sports in new and captivating ways. With social media platforms increasing their sport content, it’s a clear reflection of the change in sport viewership (especially with how gen-z digest content). 

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