27th April 2022 - By: alda09x024

New Facebook and Instagram features coming soon, don’t miss them!

New Facebook an Instagram features

Meta’s had a busy couple of months rolling out new Facebook and Instagram features. Let’s take a look at a few of the new updates and what they mean for marketeers…

New Meta ‘Advantage’ ad suite

In a move that will please advertisers across the platform, Meta has introduced a new ‘Advantage Suite’.
All of the Meta’s automated ad products have now been consolidated into a new portfolio titled Meta Advantage.

These products improve the performance of your ads through machine learning, personalisation, and efficiency. They also allow marketeers to further optimise their campaigns.

There are two kinds of products in the new Meta Advantage suite:

  1. ‘Advantage’ products allow you to enhance a specific aspect of your manual campaign setup, such as the selected Detailed Targeting options within your target audience.
  2. ‘Advantage+’ products allow you to automate an entire campaign flow from end-to-end or an entire core step of your manual campaign setup, such as placements or creative.

You can find out more about this here.

New Group admin tools

Facebook Group admins are now able to keep their groups safe and healthy with new tools that make it easy to manage and grow audiences.

New Facebook and Instagram features

● Admins can now automatically decline incoming posts which have been identified as containing false information by third-party fact-checkers.
● There’s a new “suspend” option, allowing moderators to temporarily suspend group members from posting, commenting, reacting or participating with any group content.
● Admin Assist now has automated functionality to approve or decline member requests based on specific criteria.
● And the Admin Home has been revamped to make it easier to search, see insights, and understand group engagement.
● Finally, group admins are now able to invite new members by email or with a QR code, making it easier than ever to grow your audience.

You can read more about these new features here.

New Creator Lab for Instagram

A new Instagram resource centre has been created featuring case studies, as well as tips and tricks from successful creators.

There’s 18 videos, each of which is up to five minutes long, covering topics such as building communities, expressing yourself and growing long-term. These can be viewed here.

Instagram has also started to roll out auto-generated captions across the platform. These captions will make it easier for people who are hard of hearing to engage with content across the social network.

We’re always keeping ourselves across the new Facebook and Instagram features, so we can keep delivering the best organic and paid social media output for our clients… get in touch if you want to get involved too.