6th August 2021 - By: alda09x024

Nifty Welcomes Charlotte Morse to the Team

Get to know our newest member of the team

We’re delighted to introduce our new Social Media Manager, Charlotte Morse, who joined Nifty this week.

Charlotte will be leading our Social Media activities and introduces herself below.

Welcome to the Nifty family, Charlotte!

Find out more about our new recruit:

Hi, I’m Charlotte, Nifty’s new Social Media Manager.

I’m delighted to be joining Nifty and have spent my first week meeting the rest of the team (who welcomed me into the role with some doughnuts) and getting to grips with all things Nifty! I am excited to put my knowledge of social media to the test and see some top level results.

My love and passion for marketing began while studying at university, fully embracing the creative side of this exciting industry, deciding there and then I wanted to pursue my career in digital marketing. I have previously specialised in digital roles, understanding the entirety of the marketing mix and utilising a wide range of social media platforms while sparking with the target audience and, as a result, drive traffic. From the construction industry to car manufacturing, I have learned to be versatile, transferring my skills and knowledge across the board.

I am no sports pro but I will always give things a go and absolutely love trying new sports and keeping up to date with fitness, starting my morning with either a refreshing swim or a run. From Rugby to Korfball I have always loved the thrill of sport and when the opportunity arose to work at Nifty I quite literally jumped at the chance.

I think my creative flare combined with my experience in the marketing world makes me a great fit for Nifty and I can’t wait to meet all of our lovely clients in the near future, whilst working alongside a great team of passionate individuals.