26th January 2022 - By: alda09x024

Nifty’s 2022 Predictions

Man looking at screen with charts

It wouldn’t be very Nifty of us if we didn’t share with you our 2022 predictions, would it?  

NFT takeover

Some of you will have heard the hype around NFTs and we have big plans with these for next year. 

If you haven’t heard already, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are essentially one-of-a-kind digital receipts of ownership that cannot be tampered with. They can transform pretty much anything into a unique, verifiable asset that can be bought and sold on the blockchain. 

NFTs are not only a new and innovative way of generating additional revenue streams, but they are also a great opportunity to engage your audience and allow them to earn from their involvement with you. 

Nifty is underway with work on two big NFT projects coming up in early 2022 with a view to generating two new movements and legacies within the NFT space. The digital realm expands every day, and Nifty continues to be at the forefront of the latest tools and techniques and using them to build and engage audiences. 

A big year for micro influencers 

Influencer endorsements will continue to play a huge role in marketing strategies in 2022 but gone are the days of brands being willing to splash out thousands on macro influencers. 

Micro influencers are changing the way we approach influencer marketing, giving brands the opportunity to get their name in front of different audiences without the need for a huge budget.  

Influencers are thought leaders within their online community and allow brands to reach everyday people and promote their products or services across multiple social media channels with their relatable content. 

Whether you choose to work with micro or macro accounts, it’s safe to say that influencers of all sizes are continuing to be an essential part of any brand’s marketing mix – and it’s something you should consider for business growth in 2022.  

The return of events 

In 2022, we will begin to see the return of in-person events as we move away from the virtual world we’ve come to know far too well. 

Event marketing can involve exhibitions, displays, presentations or gatherings to showcase your brand’s products and services. By creating real-life experiences for your customers, you can build your brand and identity in a more engaging, personal and memorable way. 

No matter what size your event is, creating an event marketing strategy will have serious benefits for your business. We’re experts in events and we’re here to ensure you get maximum exposure across the Niftyverse. 

If you’d like to chat about how you can introduce some of our 2022 predictions into your strategy this year, feel free to book in a call here.