25th November 2021 - By: alda09x024

Nifty’s Favourite Black Friday Campaigns

Black Friday letters on box

Black Friday – a day associated with crazy sales and pushing through crowds to get your Christmas presents with a cheeky little discount.  

With 99% of retailers dropping their prices with the hope of selling out, getting in front of the competition and acing your Black Friday marketing campaign is key and gives a great opportunity for a fantastic end to the calendar year. 

With the Nifty team fully focused on this year’s client campaigns for the renowned annual sales event, the content team thought it would be apt to share their favourite Black Friday marketing campaigns of all time. 

First up in our most-liked list is clothing store ‘& Other Stories’ and its 2020 campaign to pre-select a Black Friday shopping bag.  

Allowing shoppers to choose their sale picks before the sale went live added to the already considerable excitement and gave customers plenty of time to browse the catalogue… and tot up the potential damage to the purse strings. 

After all, what’s Black Friday without treating yourself? 

Marc’s favourite – ‘Buy Back Friday’ – IKEA  

Forget big sales and ‘everything must go’ promotions, IKEA changes up the game each year with campaigns to make Black Friday more sustainable – ‘Giving your furniture a second chance’. 

The store allows you to return your old IKEA furniture to put towards a voucher for new furniture in store. With all items that couldn’t be resold being recycled or donated, IKEA promotes yet another inventive way to live sustainably, all while joining in on the annual event. 

We love to see it! 

Charlotte’s favourite – Cliffhanger campaign – Apple  

Apple’s Black Friday = simple email marketing at its best. 

Apple cleverly began their email campaign early with teasers leading up to the event, making its customers wait in anticipation to see if they could be saving big money on a shiny new laptop. 

Keeping customers on the edge of their seats for weeks and giving them time to convince themselves that they need that new upgrade, Apple wins us over with its ‘Friday is just the beginning’ campaign. 

Beth’s favourite – The OG of all Black Friday Campaigns – Amazon  

Of course, we had to include Amazon in our round-up.  

The online retail giant, which introduced Black Friday sales into the UK, homes in on the importance of personalisation.  

With fully automated and personalised email campaigns, early bird access for Prime members, top picks based on your account, and push notifications urging the customer to make a purchase – what more could you possibly want?  

Bravo, Amazon. 

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