The Niftyverse is an integrated marketing environment designed for businesses and rights holders to establish new audiences and increase revenue.

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How we build the Niftyverse.

Step 1

Scope and analysis - looking at the data.

First, we’ll run a digital audit of all your activities, and your competitor’s activities. This includes reviewing all marketing activities, TOV, successes, failures, demographics, keyword analysis, keyword crawls, surveys and potentially focus groups.

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Grab their attention.

Step 2

Passive to purchase - the user journey (UX)

Next, we plan how to move our audience from where they are to where we need them. It’s that user journey down a funnel from awareness into interest and conversion. We bring these audiences onto our owned media where we get them to share data and convert.

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Start engaging people.

Step 3

Audience building - saying the right things.

During the audit phase, we’ll have defined our target audience, where they are, their likes, interests and discussions topics. Now it’s time to segment that data based on demographics, behavioural data or brand loyalty. We’ll also look at audience volume across regions and countries.

Once we’ve built these segmented audiences, we’ll know how to communicate with them to drive conversions.

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Generating the content.

Step 4

Performance marketing - content is king.

This is where our passion, creativity and science come together. Fuelled by the value proposition, we define the concept, craft the message, optimise the content and build the creatives before refining, testing and refreshing.

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Size doesn't matter.

Step 5

We're not only committed to the big boys.

When it comes to channels, we’re looking for audience volumes, and the swiftest and more efficient ways of engaging them. In the Niftyverse, this could include major social channels, niche platforms, podcasts, SVOD or more traditional forms of media.

Once the content’s in the Niftyverse, we amplify the message with online and offline PR and media campaigns to support the spend activity and plant the seed for organic brand growth.

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Reach, recognition and return

Step 6

The heart and soul of Niftyverse.

Campaign delivery starts at phase one and is the backbone of our work. First there’s the timeline, then optimisation, then reporting and finally, testing.

Through these pillars, we build, optimise and maintain the Niftyverse while continuously marking delivery against our KPIs.

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