29th October 2021 - By: alda09x024

Our Favourite Halloween Campaigns


Our Favourite Halloween Campaigns

It’s that time of year again. Halloween 2021 has arrived.

Originally a time to remember the dead, over the years it has become the perfect opportunity to trick (or treat) one another and many brands all over the UK will be utilising the occasion to benefit their marketing.  

We’ll no doubt see hundreds, if not thousands of efforts for a show-stopping Halloween campaign, because, well, if you don’t acknowledge it in your marketing, you run this risk of losing your share of voice, and with the end of the year fast approaching, that just isn’t an option.   

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our favourite Halloween campaigns. These brands just got it right and we tip our (witches) hat to them. 

Bacardi – Dress to Be Free 

Bacardi used All Hallow’s Eve to home in on the spirit of Halloween and encourage people to dress up to be themselves. The Dress to be Free campaign was a really clever take on a day which normally tells us to be someone else. 

In a day and age where its important for people to be self-confident and appreciative who they are, this idea was really well-received and even got the backing of A-lister, Cardi B. 

Burger King trolls McDonald’s 

In September of 2017 it was definitely Burger King who drew first blood. Capitalising on the popularity of clown costumes on Halloween, the fast-food giant made clowns the centre of its cheeky marketing campaign by offering free Whopper burgers to customers who showed up at its restaurants wearing clown costumes. 

This was a clear dig at arch-rival, McDonald’s, and its head honcho, Ronald McDonald.  

Normally I’m team McD but on this occasion I have to say BK made mincemeat of their nemesis. 

Airbnb x Dracula’s Castle 

In 2016 global company, Airbnb, teamed up with Bran Castle in Romania to offer brave members of the public the opportunity to spend a night in true Count Dracula style. The tremendously terrifying experience would see two people sleep in velvet trimmed coffins on 31st October, in none other than Transylvania.  

Airbnb also used the opportunity to work alongside novelist Dacre Stoker — “Dracula” author Bram Stoker’s great grand-nephew, who would go on to provide a guided tour of the castle. 

This Halloween campaign ticked all the boxes and we hope the two (unlucky) lucky winners enjoyed it, if they’re still here to tell the tale! 

Stranger Things at Topshop 

After season two of the Netflix hit series, Stranger Things, Topshop created an immersive experience for shoppers by transforming part of its London flagship store into well-known settings from the show. Visitors could purchase Stranger Things merchandise and learn more about the upcoming episodes. 

This was an immediate hit with fans and shoppers alike – well played, Topshop.